Wasps actually make


Wasps have a well hiddensecret that they keep through years…

Fight for your HON !

We’re in 2046, cryptocurrencies are banned on earth and humans fought against the states to get back their liberties. In this bloody fight, presidents blew the planet up by launching nuclear bomb on it.

Now that Earth is destroyed, you must get back the magical honey you’ve hidden to keep your super powers, but a lot of wasp want to get it back, don’t let them take it from you !

Enter the Arena !

Everyone can start fighting for the Wasp Kingdom for free right now

connect your wallet, input your nickname and start getting back what’s yours !


Legendary Gears

Start Playing free then reinforce your gear !

Easy to play

Only one thing matters, how much HON can you bring back to your kingdom ? No hard strategies needed, everyone has the same characteristics at the beginning, you just fight and get HON for killing your enermies.

Your skill is rewarded

No matter what you did to bring back all your magical honey, what only matters in the Wasp kingdom is your bravery in the arena, fight blood and soul to save your world ! To be the best in this fight you can buy NFT that will boost you to the next level !


You, ennemies and reward !

Main character


Your second most important enemies are the flies, they will do all their possible to get in your way and make you deviate from your goal !

You !

You’re the last one who can save your magical honey, but a lot of wasp want your magical honey too, prove that your the best to be the last to stand


Considered as the Holy Grail for wasps, they rarely appears. If you can get your hand on them, you will get a lot of HON ! But be prepared because they don’t let it go…

All you need to know

Explain all items

items purchased



That’s why you’re in this battle, if you see honey, you must get it as fast as possible to bring back a lot of HON to your kingdom !

Heal yourself

Wasp honey jar

Some honey made by wasps to give you more energy. If you’re feeling low, you must take it to last in this arena !

Boost your speed


It’s the only thing to avoid in this arena, this trap is made by flies to slowly kill you !

Lose health



Game access Alpha
You will soon have access to the game and fight other wasps to get your HON. That’s the moment to get better at the game, learn how it works and build better strategies than your enemies. Experimenting your strategies will give you an advantage on those who don’t. The Token HON will aslo be launched on PancakeSwap UniSwap and QuickSwap, so you will be able to buy what you need to play the game
Step 2 - Battle Royal and First improvement
Battle Royal and First improvement
We have added a new game mode in response to community demand: Battle Royal. We listened to the first feedback from the community to improve their user experience (, Bug fixing, New map, Bot, Shield, etc.)
step 2
Launch NFT auction
This auction will be the launch of in-game NFTs, where the real game begins. Participating in this auction will give you access to cheaper NFTs before anyone else, a great opportunity to be far ahead with powerful gear. Don’t miss it!
Step 4 - Staking for both token.
Staking for both token.
Stack your HSM and HON to generate even more. Several features on staking will come later like the possibility to have a boost according to your ranking of the week. Play and make money. Stake it and win even more.
step 2
Upgradable NFT wasp launch
Wasp of the game become NFTs with physical characteristics (speed, power, sturdiness etc.) They will be all upgradeable to make them improve. We deploy this if we sold out the first NFT sale. (More info coming soon).
Step 6 - PVP Mode
PVP Mode
Implementation of a PVP game mode if we sold out the NFT wasp launch. This new game mode will allow you to challenge your friends (or your enemies!) in a 1 VS 1 arena. (more info coming soon)
step 2
More utility for both token and staking.
Each upgrade will depend on the amount staked by the community. Our goal will be to make the token as useful as possible and to limit the inflation for the greatest happiness of the players. A burn mechanism will be set up and other features will come later !
Step 8 - Mobile version
Mobile version
Our goal is to implement a mobile version so it will be easier for everybody to play where ever they want. We’re currently working on this project so a lot more players would be involved. It will be launched if we reach 10 000 players
step 2


Enter your Kingdom to get advantages, have premium premium content before anyone else and participate in exclusive tournaments to get more HON !


Meet our team

  • Rafal Zgoda

    Blockchain Engineer, Co-Founder

  • Mathieu Alfaro

    Lead Marketing

  • Rémi Sudol

    Full-Stack Engineer, Co-Founder

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